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How to Find the Right Florida Car Accident Attorney for You and Your Case
Jeffrey R. Davis

If you were involved in a car accident in Florida and suffered severe injuries, you should talk to an attorney about your legal rights. If another party is more at fault than you are, you may be compensated for the harm you suffer, either through a settlement with the other party’s insurance company or a…

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Do I Need an Attorney for a Car Accident in Florida? 
Jeffrey R. Davis

You should consider hiring an attorney if you’re injured in a car accident. The more severe the injuries, the more it makes sense to retain a lawyer to protect your interests, negotiate a fair settlement, and litigate your case if necessary. If you’re unsure, contact Jeff Davis and schedule a free consultation. If your case is…

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Client Reviews

Mr Davis is the finest personal injury attorney in the state of Florida. His intensive medical knowledge alone and how it relates to Florida law puts you in the hands of this highly skilled lawyer. Injury cases today more than ever need a fighter on your side and the...

David S.

Someone who truly cares! We had been dealing with a legal issue for over two years with another attorney, with no results. Jeff Davis stepped in, and has made more progress in a few months, than we had in over two years. He communicates absolutely everything with his...

Ashlie W.

Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable and competent attorney. When I spoke with Jeffrey the first time on the phone, he was professional and answered any questions I had. So if you are ever in need of an awesome personal injury attorney who has excellent communication skills...

Dr. Jared R.

Do not recommend. His staff made several mistakes on our case due to lack of care and attention. Jeff is more worried about covering himself and collecting his fee, than he is in following through on what he had promised. He has wasted our money and time and caused us a...

Lelio Calfat Ravagnani

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