Miami Shooting Leaves One Dead

Jeffrey R. Davis

One dead and two wounded after a shooting in front of a Miami market. At approximately 7:15 p.m. at the Kings Brothers Market on 1304 NW 62 Street, Miami, Florida a young man with two handguns walked up to a group of people and started to shoot. The market is located near the Liberty Square Housing Project commonly referred to as the Pork & Beans by residents. The store does have surveillance video which is currently being reviewed by the Police Department in order to identify and arrest the assailant.

If you are involved in a shooting incident (negligent security), do not trust your case to an inexperience personal injury attorney. Your choice in a Miami personal injury lawyer can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries, how your case is managed, and how your case is finally resolved. It is important that you obtain an experienced personal injury attorney who understands Florida law, understands the insurance companies and their strategies, and who has resources to fight for your rights successfully.

When choosing an attorney to represent your interests, you must search for an attorney that is the “right fit” for you and your case. Many personal injury cases takes months to several years to resolve. You will be working with your attorney, so it is important that you trust your lawyer and get along with your lawyer. Just alone in Florida, the Florida Bar reports that there are approximately 93,895 barred attorneys as of January 2013. There are many of attorneys to choose from – Do not sell yourself short.

If you are involved in a shooting incident (negligent security) that It is important that you remember the following things:

  1. try to check and identify what your injuries are;
  2. call the police and file a police report;
  3. make sure that you see a doctor or seek medical attention even if you have just a few symptoms or complaints;
  4. take pictures of your your injuries, any other person’s injuries, and the scene of the accident (including any surveillance cameras);
  5. gather any documents proving your inability to work, medical expenses, etc.

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Do not recommend. His staff made several mistakes on our case due to lack of care and attention. Jeff is more worried about covering himself and collecting his fee, than he is in following through on what he had promised. He has wasted our money and time and caused us a...

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