Jeff Davis Law is a Plaintiff’s litigation law firm that specializes in the representation of individuals and families that have suffered personal injuries, wrongful death, medical malpractice, property loss, breach of contract and other business-related claims. The law firm has been in continuous operation in Miami-Dade County, Florida since 1997 and has offices in Coral Gables, Florida.

Practice Areas

Jeff Davis Law concentrates its practice in representation of victims of motor-vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death claims, negligent security, premises liability, dangerous products, dog bites, slip & fall claims, fall down injuries, bicycle accidents, injuries caused by dangerous conditions, truck accidents, pharmaceutical malpractice, pharmacy errors, nursing home claims, surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, ophthalmic malpractice, orthopedic malpractice, cardiological malpractice, neurosurgical malpractice, ear, nose and throat specialty malpractice, plastic surgical errors, scooter and moped accidents, criminal attacks and other injury claims including workplace violence. In addition to an active injury practice, Davis Law also represents victims of construction mistakes, roofing negligence, construction defects, commercial disputes, breach of contract and all types of business litigation.

Industry Areas

Jeff Davis Law has its main office in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Florida however practices throughout Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and litigates cases throughout Florida. The firm is licensed in both State and Federal court.

Representative Clients

Jeff Davis Law represents victims of motor-vehicle accidents for both their physical injuries and damages and also diminished value claims. The firm also represents victims of medical malpractice that have been injured through either failure to diagnose and treat conditions or through improper surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, or errors in medical management and follow-up. The firm also handles claims involving wrongful death, negligent security, shooting claims, criminal attacks, workplace violence, negligent property maintenance, unsafe conditions, fall down cases, and food poisoning cases. The law firm represents Plaintiffs in breach of contract claims, negligent construction claims, and other business disputes.

Featured Cases and Matters

Jeff Davis Law respects the privacy of its clients and seeks at all times to ensure the protection and confidentiality of their legal affairs. Accordingly, we have intentionally omitted client names and case information to avoid the appearance of impropriety and/or accidental disclosure of personal information.  Some cases of interest are listed below based on case facts:

  1. Client A was a security guard at a government facility. He worked for a private security company for many years. The post required armed security. His employer improperly hired individuals from a job placement company for ex-criminal offenders. The security company did no background check nor followed up on any information received regarding one of the applicants who had an extensive criminal record. This applicant had a history of violent clashes with police, drug convictions, and a domestic violence incident in the past. He also provided the names of multiple prior employers; however, the security company never checked any of the references nor did a background search or psychological profile. Throughout his brief employment, this applicant clashed with several of the other security guards and got into a heated and threatening verbal altercation with one of the managers of the client. The client asked the security company to remove the individual from the premises and instead the company merely relocated him to a different portion of the facility. Client A was not informed of any of this individual’s prior behavior, nor was he warned about his propensity for conflict and aggression. On the date of the incident, this co-worker was relieving Client A from his post during the shift change and got into a confrontation. The individual pulled out his personal side-arm and shot Client A in the back rendering him a paraplegic for life. Client A filed a lawsuit against his employer for negligent hiring and retention. Florida law has one of the highest burdens of proof required to sue an employer outside of the worker’s compensation scheme. After years of expensive and painstaking litigation, a seven-figure recovery was attained that will enable Client A to receive some measure of justice for this wrongful act.
  2. Client B was a passenger in a residential elevator that abruptly ascended to its end-stop termination point due to a defect in the hydraulic motor assembly. The elevator had just been retrofitted by an elevator maintenance company and utilized an oversized pump motor thereby causing the elevator car to bypass the top floor and collide with the stop ring. This abrupt collision caused the passenger, Client B, to sustain a Type-B aortic dissection as a result of the acceleration/deceleration injury. A claim was brought against the elevator maintenance company for negligent maintenance and repair of the elevator. After extensive discovery, expert witness inspection and years of litigation, the case successfully concluded allowing the client a monetary recovery.
  3. Client C was a patron at a Broward County nightclub. He was visiting the club for a music event with his girlfriend. Apparently, the event had been advertised extensively on social media and radio and was well-attended with an overflow crowd. The nightclub did not anticipate the amount of people that were in attendance and the crowd spilled out into the parking area due to the limitations on space within the club. The nightclub did not provide additional staffing or security despite the size of the crowd; they failed to hire off-duty police officers or utilize any methods to manage or control the crowd which, unfortunately became unruly. As Client C was leaving the club to avoid the crush of people and unsafe conditions, he was assaulted and attacked while getting into his car and shot multiple times. Although he survived his wounds after an extended hospital stay, he was left with some ongoing deficits and injury. A claim was brought against the nightclub for negligent security. No security company had been hired, no security assessment was made and, a review by a security expert of the surrounding area revealed a high concentration of foreseeable crime for which no safety precautions or warnings were afforded to the patrons. Eventually, after presenting considerable documentation of the extensive crime in the vicinity of the club and lack of security through witness statements and other outside evidence, the insurance carrier for the nightclub surrendered its policy limits thereby providing our client significant and fair compensation.
  4. Client D was a truck driver for a moving company. He was delivering boxes to the home of the home of a well-known athlete in Broward County when he was assaulted and injured. The athlete apparently did not want to pay for the move, despite being under contract to do so. When Client D attempted to leave the athlete’s home, he was attacked by the athlete. Fortunately, the moving company had the foresight to install cameras on their truck, so the event was captured, and the police arrested the athlete. Despite extensive publicity and personal service of process, the athlete chose to avoid participating in the trial. A jury awarded substantial compensation to Client D for his injuries and damages.
  5. Client E was a woman in her 40’s with a history of smoking and social alcohol use. She presented to an ear, nose and throat specialist with complaints of ear pain. The doctor made a cursory evaluation and prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection, despite no evidence of the typical signs of an ear infection. When returning to the same office a few months later with continuing similar complaints, the physician’s partner did a further evaluation, however, likewise did not formulate a differential diagnosis beyond an ordinary ear infection. After the passing of approximately 1-year, a return visit to the ENT revealed the client actually had Stage 4 esophageal cancer. A medical malpractice claim was brought against the physicians and the practice for failure to detect, diagnose and treat esophageal cancer while the same was at an early stage. Client E went on to require extensive surgery and ultimately died from her cancer. Fortunately, our firm was able to achieve a significant 7-figure settlement for the client and her family which allowed her to realize sufficient funding to pay for her son’s college and otherwise secure her family finances before she passed.

Bar Associations and Other Memberships

ABOTA MIAMI Guardian Ad Litem Program – Since 2015

As a member of ABOTA, Jeff Davis Law provides free (pro bono) service to the circuit and probate court in both Miami-Dade County and Broward County to acts as a Guardian Ad Litem for review of minor settlements and wrongful death settlements. On average, our firm handles between 7 and 10 such cases per year.



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Featured Pro Bono Activities

Service as a Guardian Ad Litem for the last 25 years. Jeff Davis has provided free service to Judges in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties as a Guardian Ad Litem. A Guardian Ad Litem is an individual (usually an attorney) that is asked by the court to serve as an independent, neutral reviewer of settlements in cases involving minors, both in injury claims and wrongful death claims. Florida law requires settlements of cases involving minor Plaintiffs, where a certain monetary threshold is reached, to have a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem. Jeff Davis provides this service free of charge (pro bono) as a service to the court and community and has contributed hundreds of hours of his time.

Seminar Presentations

Jeff Davis is a frequent speaker at professional seminars on a range of topics including litigation techniques, case evaluations, ethics, claims handling, deposition techniques, use of demonstrative aids in court and other topics in the realm of personal injury litigation. He has been providing this service, free of charge, for approximately 25 years.

Mock Trial Judge and Miami-Dade County Public Schools Lectures

Jeff Davis frequently serves as a volunteer for the Miami-Dade County School system in such events as Law Day, Career Day, Teacher’s Law School, Black History Month and current law topics. Through ABOTA MIAMI, Mr. Davis has also spoken at several different law school classes on topics of ethical behavior for attorneys and proper conduct before the court.

Non-Legal Activities

Board member of The Cloisters Homeowner’s Association.

Legal Specialties and Certifications

The Florida Bar – Board Certified Civil Trial – 2015

Lawyers who practice civil trial law and have the special knowledge, skills, and proficiency, as well as the character, ethics, and reputation for professionalism to be properly identified to the public as board certified in civil trial law.

American Board of Trial Advocates – Associate – 2015

Invitation only national association of experienced trial lawyers dedicated to preservation and promotion of the civil jury trial right provided by the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


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  • University of Miami School of Law - J.D. - 1986
  • State University of New York at Stony Brook - B.A. - Political Science - 1983

    Honor: Phi Beta Kappa

Bar Associations

  • The Florida Bar

    Member Since: 1986 - current

    Service and Chairmanship of Multiple Bar Grievance Committees and Committee on the Unlicensed Practice of Law

  • ABOTA Miami - President

    Member Since: 2019 - 2020

    Prior Service: Membership Committee, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

  • Covid Task Force - 11th Judicial Circuit

    Formulate Written Zoom Hearing and Deposition Protocols and Forms for Use in Miami-Dade County Circuit Courts

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