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Health Insurance Denial Claims

health form denial claim

Jeffrey R. Davis, a Florida insurance lawyer, has represented claimants regarding health insurance denials in Miami, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale, and throughout Florida.

Health Insurance Denials Information

Health insurance policies are very complex agreements. However, major health insurance companies and HMOs have daily experience working with these agreements while handling policy claims and disputes. This gives the health insurance companies a strong working knowledge of the policies, language, and exclusions which often results in the carriers excluding or denying claims.

Premium Payments

After making ongoing premium payments, it can be very upsetting when you finally need your insurance company only to find that it is unwilling to pay your claim. Insurance companies have an interest in not paying out claims, especially claims involving large medical bills. You have a legal right to receive the health insurance benefits you pay for to satisfy valid claims, but may need a legal advocate to represent your interests against insurance companies. Frequently, it is necessary for an attorney to review, understand and interpret the insurance policy language and apply it to factual and legal situations to represent a client’s interests against an insurance company for failing to pay a valid claim.

Jeffrey R. Davis, P.A. has 25 years of experience working individually and with other law firms on cases involving wrongful health insurance coverage denials, filing health insurance claims, improper limitations and exclusions, negotiating or litigating for claims payment in health insurance denials and other health insurance claims abuse.

Life Insurance Denials Information

The purpose of life insurance is to ensure the economic protection and financial stability of one’s surviving relatives. It can be frustrating for beneficiaries when insurance companies delay or refuse payment, particularly when considering the lifelong premium payments to ensure those very benefits. Delay or denial may be the result of an ongoing investigation into circumstances, unfavorable factual determinations made by insurance companies, or even bad faith efforts to minimize payouts.

It is ideal that the intent of a life insurance policyholder is honored. If you are a beneficiary facing an unreasonable delay or denial, consult a knowledgeable attorney that has experience helping policy beneficiaries receive the benefits they are legally entitled to.

Jeffrey R. Davis, P.A. has 25 years of experience working individually and with other law firms on cases involving life insurance coverage disputes.

Delayed Payment

There are many reasons why insurance companies delay payment, deny, or attempt to underpay valid insurance claims. The law firm has experience in cases concerning:

  • Wrongful Denials
  • Underpayment of Claims
  • Exclusions
  • Coverage Issues
  • Bad Faith
  • Deceptive Business Practices
  • Insurance Code Violations

If you are not receiving the health benefits that you believe you are entitled to, or your health insurance claims are being wrongfully limited or denied, please submit a free case review to Jeffrey R. Davis P.A. or call (305) 577-3777.

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Mr Davis is the finest personal injury attorney in the state of Florida. His intensive medical knowledge alone and how it relates to Florida law puts you in the hands of this highly skilled lawyer. Injury cases today more than ever need a fighter on your side and the...

David S.

Someone who truly cares! We had been dealing with a legal issue for over two years with another attorney, with no results. Jeff Davis stepped in, and has made more progress in a few months, than we had in over two years. He communicates absolutely everything with his...

Ashlie W.

Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable and competent attorney. When I spoke with Jeffrey the first time on the phone, he was professional and answered any questions I had. So if you are ever in need of an awesome personal injury attorney who has excellent communication skills...

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