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Why Voters Should Make Informed Choices on the Candidates They Choose

Jeffrey R. Davis

Voting is important but educating yourself about who you’re voting for is even more so. There are plenty of people who vote that don’t know why they’re voting for a particular candidate. Some people choose to listen to their family, pick a candidate that is in the same political party like them, or watch the advertisements on tv that discredit certain candidates or build them up. Informing yourself about the candidates on the ballet is the only way to truly make the best decision that aligns with the change you want to see in the world.

This year, the Federal Midterm and State elections are going to take place on November 6th; it is one of the most important voting days for Floridians who will elect a new Federal Senator and State Governor!. Most people think that the presidential election is really all that matters – it’s not. It’s at the state level that you feel the effect of what your Governor and State officials choose to do .This year Florida’s next Governor will have the chance to appoint three (3) retiring State Supreme Court Justices. This will effect the laws of this state and your rights for decades to come! When you don’t educate yourself on your Federal and State candidates, it’s very easy for you to choose a candidate that begins enacting policies that you don’t agree with or that will negatively affect you. To avoid this, you must find out what you’re actually looking for in a candidate.

The first step you have to figure out is what policies do you actually want to be enacted? Think about some of the problems your community is facing, such as education, crime, student loans, and unemployment. Once you figure out what is most important to you, find a candidate and read the policies he wants to implement in the near future.Look at their website, read some different news articles about them-do some basic homework. After you do that, you have to ask yourself what type of leadership qualities you want to see in a candidate? Do you want someone who’s only pro-business ? Is healthcare,or immigration or the environment issues you care about ? How credible is this candidate and what has he done in these areas already? What is his/her voting record in office? What bills did she/he sponsor? What sort of offices has this candidate held-what is their background?When do they stand on what is important to you and your family? These questions will help you narrow down what type of candidate you’re looking for.

Once you’ve done some research, look up all the candidates online and see whether or not any of them are close to what you’re looking for. These days we have access to a lot of information on the internet, blogs, opinion pieces, the newspapers, and our community. Find out all the information on the candidates and learn how other people view them and why. Speaking to people who have different views than yours is a very good way of finding out what a certain candidate is all about. Don’t just ask family or friends or people with the same views as yours. You want to be informed and make a decision based on as much information as possible instead of just voting by party affiliation or a random guess.

When you inform yourself about a political candidate and pick the one who has all the qualities you’re looking for, you are doing your job as an involved citizen. You will have that security that the political candidate that you choose has the same political wants and policies that you value. When you finally go into vote, you won’t be confused about who certain candidates are; you’ll know exactly who you’ll choose.

Jeffrey R. Davis Law knows the importance of making informed and educated decisions when it comes to voting. The decisions you make have the power to influence the immediate world around you, and the future for you and the generations that come after you. For more information on this blog, visit: www.jeffdavislaw.com.

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