Why is Voting so Important?

Jeffrey R. Davis

Voting is an important part of being a loyal citizen, yet many people don’t partake in this tradition and right. Many people think that their vote doesn’t make a difference, or they just don’t want to partake in the bureaucracy. Some aren’t educated in the state officials and they don’t want to make a wrong decision. What many of them fail to realize is that voting can alter the world we live in today. Trump is a perfect example, the ones who elected him got the world they wanted. Good or bad, that opinion doesn’t hold any value at this moment, but the way he got elected does. Hundreds of people went to the voting stands and casted their votes but just as many stayed home and were furious over the results. This is where the problem lies.

Like Lyndon Johnson said, “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.”

Voting was the first line of defense for gaining a country that stands for the freedom of all.

In the past, this was the hallmark to being able to elect the officials you wanted, to make decisions as American citizens on where your country was headed and to integrate yourself in the politics of your country. No longer were Americans content on letting a monarchy make all the decisions for them, and so, they created voting. In the past, not everyone had the right to vote, it was only certain individuals of color and gender. The time that we have we have now where everyone, regardless of race or sex can vote, isn’t small and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Voting is taking a stand against a government that you want to see change.

As generations pass, voting has become less of an importance. In 2012, less than 50 percent of eligible young voters ages 18 to 29 voted. That means more than half of the voting population did not. Millions of voices aren’t being heard because they think a single vote won’t make a difference. A single vote might not but when like-minded people come in groups and vote, they’re on their way to getting the change they want to see. We’ve seen it happen before, where a race was won by one essential vote. In 2017,Virginia Democrats appear to have ended Republicans’ 20-year grasp on the state House of Delegates by the margin of a single vote. Every single vote is important and it’s another way, besides protesting, of getting your opinion heard.

Voting is more than just deciding what President you’re going to have.

Voting is choosing the world you think is best. Whether it’s legalizing same-sex marriage, supporting immigration, or legalizing abortion, voting is you deciding on these issues instead of allowing someone else to do it for you. A lot of young voters sometimes think that who is elected for president or Mayor doesn’t affect their life until they graduate college and find out it does. State officials are the ones who make the decisions on whether your taxes increase, what the education policies for your children will be, your public safety and more. It’s your right to vote, a right other countries are still fighting to gain. Educate yourself on your state officials, on your president and see who is a representation of the change you want to see in the world and cast your vote when the next official elections begin.

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