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If You’re Hurt in an Accident, Should You Contact an Attorney?

Jeffrey R. Davis

Anytime you are hurt in an accident that is the fault of another person, it is critical that you file the right accident reports. Some people believe that if you do not sustain an injury, you don’t need to bother with a lawyer. The truth is that while an accident doesn’t appear to be severe, problems can arise days or weeks later. And these complex cases require an attorney’s help. When in doubt, contact our office to discuss what happened and the challenges you face. Jeffrey R. Davis, P.A. is a legal resource you should use to prevent missing out on compensation if you’re injured due to another party’s negligence. 

Warning signs of injuries deserving legal help are: 

  • The injury is long-lasting 
  • Your medical bills aren’t being paid 
  • You need surgery 
  • You spend time in a hospital 
  • You’re missing work 

You should also contact us if your injuries are caused by a: 

You definitely should contact us if you suffered:

If you’re not sure you need legal help, call our office to discuss your case.  

Ways an Attorney Can Help You and How You Can Hurt Yourself Without One

Determining fault and liability in an accident can be complex, especially when multiple parties are involved, or they dispute that they’re liable. Our investigation can uncover evidence that can clear up any confusion and establish who is to blame. Call our office if fault is unclear or if you feel that an insurance company has incorrectly denied responsibility. 

Insurance companies are businesses making profits. They increase their profits by minimizing their costs, denying claims, or limiting how much they’ll pay to resolve them. If you’re hurt, you have enough going on. You don’t want to spend time and energy dealing with an unreasonable insurance company. Insurance companies have legal obligations to people their policyholders injure, but they are also concerned about their bottom line. We fight to make sure they treat our clients fairly.  

Sometimes time passes, but there’s no resolution. Florida has a two-year statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim. If you’re anywhere close to that, call our office; the sooner, the better. The insurance company may want to drag out the process and hope you give up. 

Your case may be much more factually and legally complex than you think. Multiple parties may have contributed to causing your accident, and they might all be held accountable for your injuries. The more parties involved, the greater the chances you’ll receive full compensation for your injuries. 

You have no idea what your case is worth because you don’t know all the facts of your case, negligence, or insurance law. Calculating your personal injury claim value involves assessing various factors, such as medical expenses, lost wages, future rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, the legal challenges you face, and your chance of success if you go to trial. You may vastly underestimate your case’s value. If you do, the insurance company will be happy to settle. You may also greatly overestimate it, and the insurance company won’t negotiate until you reduce your demand. 

Insurance adjusters and attorneys are expert negotiators. Insurance adjusters negotiate with people filing claims all the time. Their performance is partially judged by how much money they save their employer, so they have the incentive to cut the best deal possible. Most people have little or no experience negotiating, which puts them at a distinct disadvantage. We know how insurance companies operate, what they need before they put a fair value on a case, and what’s needed to negotiate a fair outcome with them. 

Get the Help You Need From a Lawyer You Can Trust  

Personal injury attorney Jeffrey R. Davis has helped thousands of clients. Many are just like you – injured, hurt, and looking for answers and compensation for the harm they suffered. Call us at (305) 577-3777 or complete our online contact form today to schedule a free consultation.

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Mr Davis is the finest personal injury attorney in the state of Florida. His intensive medical knowledge alone and how it relates to Florida law puts you in the hands of this highly skilled lawyer. Injury cases today more than ever need a fighter on your side and the...

David S.

Someone who truly cares! We had been dealing with a legal issue for over two years with another attorney, with no results. Jeff Davis stepped in, and has made more progress in a few months, than we had in over two years. He communicates absolutely everything with his...

Ashlie W.

Jeffrey is a very knowledgeable and competent attorney. When I spoke with Jeffrey the first time on the phone, he was professional and answered any questions I had. So if you are ever in need of an awesome personal injury attorney who has excellent communication skills...

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