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Beachgoer Struck by Truck – Hollywood, Florida

Jeffrey R. Davis

Tuesday afternoon, a Hollywood beach sunbather was struck by a vehicle, a Beach Fire Rescue Truck, and suffered injuries as a result of the collision. The driver, a Hollywood Fire Rescue beach safety supervisor, was flagged down after driving over a sunbather while completing his patrol on the beach. Witnesses claim that they saw the truck jump when it ran over the sunbather. People on the beach, the 6000 Block of North Ocean in Hollywood saw the whole incident.

It is reported that the victim was in his 50’s and was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital with cuts and burns from the truck’s exhaust. However, witnesses claim that they saw blood coming from the victim’s eyes, face, arm, and body. The extent of the victim’s injuries are undetermined at this time. Pedestrian vs. car accident however often result in catastrophic injuries, brain injuries, or wrongful death.

As you can recall, in 2011 a Miami Beach Police Officer while giving a tourist a ride on his ATV ran over two beach-goers. In 2006, a Daytona Beach Patrol ran over a tourist. Previously, a Miami Beach police officer was chasing a suspect and ran over two tourists from France and one of them died.

Hollywood supervisors claim that the 55 year old man was laying by a dune and when the supervisor went over the dune he ran over the victim. It is likely that further investigation will be taken by police and fire rescue. It is also likely that they sunbather will have a potential claim against the driver and the City of Hollywood for his injuries.

After being involved in any type of accident (even if you are not in a vehicle) it is important that you do the following:

  1. collect information, including contact information, for everyone involved in the accident, including witnesses;
  2. seek medical attention for your injuries in order to document your condition(s);
  3. talk to an accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to provide you proper representation; and
  4. do not talk to anyone about the accident – especially insurance adjusters.

In this case, the 55 year old man unfortunately suffered this horrific accident, however, he was fortunate that there were many eye witnesses that will be able to support his claim.

Unfortunately, more often than not, catastrophic injuries are usually associated with motor vehicles that collide with pedestrians or individuals who are not within a car. If you or someone you know had been involved in an accident, Jeffrey R. Davis, P.A. can help you go after the justice you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, loss wages, pain and suffering, and future medical bills. Contact us today in order to obtain a free consultation regarding your legal options.

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