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An Amusement Park Accident Can Ruin Your Day or Your Life

Jeffrey R. Davis

When visiting a Florida amusement park you assume that you and your loved ones are safe. After all, there are strict regulations in place to try to minimize the risk of injuries. But accidents happen because equipment fails, there aren’t enough employees on duty to keep attendees safe, and management sometimes prioritizes profits over safety. 

People are injured in many ways because of an amusement park’s negligence. Some of them are: 

  • Ride malfunctions: Mechanical failures in rides can lead to accidents. Amusement park rides may suddenly stop, accelerate, or go off a track. Riders may be stuck in a dangerous position, such as upside down in the middle of a ride. Regular inspections and maintenance are needed to prevent these issues.. 
  • Slips, trips, and falls: Uneven walkways, wet surfaces, or cluttered areas can contribute to slips, trips, and falls. If you fall from a height and/or onto pavement or cement, your injuries could be severe. 
  • Health emergencies: Visitors may suffer health issues such as heart attacks, seizures, or other medical emergencies. If staff isn’t properly trained or equipped to deal with them, the park will make a bad situation worse
  • Inadequate restraints: If the restraints on amusement park rides aren’t strong or secure enough, not properly put on the person, defective, or poorly maintained, riders may be at risk of falling or being injured during the ride. 
  • Line incidents: Long, poorly managed lines in a park with too many attendees can lead to conflicts between customers or a customer and an employee, causing injuries due to pushing, shoving, tripping, or falling. If management knows some visitors are unruly or misbehaving but they fail to maintain security, the situation could get out of control, and attendees may be injured. 
  • Foodborne Illness: Attendees may suffer food poisoning caused by contaminated food or improper food handling.  
  • Extreme weather: The park may not be designed to handle severe weather when it’s full of customers. People may be left out in the open when high winds and thunderstorms hit the area. Rides not closed quickly enough can expose attendees to danger. 
  • Fires: Overburdened, poorly designed, or poorly maintained electrical equipment can cause malfunctions and fires. The fire may directly injure attendees, or if one breaks out and the park doesn’t control the situation, attendees may panic and injure each other as they flee the scene. 
  • Waterpark injuries: It doesn’t take long, and a person need not be in deep water to drown. If someone is knocked unconscious on a slide, they may slip beneath the water and drown. Water parks need to control how many people are in the park, have well-designed and well-maintained rides, and have enough qualified, experienced staff to keep attendees safe.

Just because you’re injured at an amusement park doesn’t mean they’re to blame. A critical service we provide our clients is investigating how and why they were injured and who’s at fault. After we get this evidence, we’ll give you a clear picture of whether your legal rights were violated and what you can do about it. 

Injured in an Amusement Park Accident? Jeff Davis Can Help   

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