Do You Owe Outrageous Medical Bills?

Are you the victim of an outrageous hospital or other medical bill? Are you uninsured or under-insured? Or, are you an international insurer, self insured company, or similarly situated third party payer expected to pay unreasonably inflated, full billed charges for your members’ medical care? Don’t despair. Whether you’ve just received your bill, your bill is in collections, you’ve already been sued, or even if you’ve already paid, we can help.

Medical and Hospital billing practices and issues are complicated, often making negotiation of a reasonable bill difficult or impossible without the help of medical and legal professionals familiar with billing, coding, and the laws relevant to both. Providers often demand several hundred percent more than you are legally obligated to pay, but accept a reasonable amount as payment in full from more than 90% of their patients. Be among that majority. We are committed to ensuring that you don’t pay more than a reasonable amount, simply because you cannot interpret your bills or defend your well settled legal rights.

We will locate non-compensable errors, double-charges and other overcharges hidden in your confusing, coded medical bill then negotiate your bill, or litigate your rights. If we can’t negotiate a reasonable amount, we will have the Court determine the reasonable value of the care you received. No one pays full billed charges and you shouldn’t either. Call us today and we’ll fight for your right to a reasonable medical or hospital bill. Or, call to schedule a free, no obligation initial legal consultation and we’ll quote you a reasonable rate based on the savings we achieve for you. Medical providers and Hospitals have collection lawyers working against you. It’s time to level the playing field.

Our team has litigated hundreds of hospital accounts across the State of Florida, including a successful appeal in which the Second District Court of Appeals adopted the Federal reasonableness factors. We access a team of medical professionals including medical doctors, nurses, hospital coders and forensic auditors who provide the data and forensic analysis needed to calculate the reasonable value of medical care, and we co-counsel class action and other complex matters with attorneys across the state. By utilizing this team of professionals, and tapping our deep and proven negotiation and litigation experience, we will negotiate with your providers until a reasonable release is agreed upon, or bring suit if those negotiations reach impasse.

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