IV Infiltration and Medical Malpractice

Often, patients are prescribed intravenous- or IV- therapy to have fluids administered into their veins through a small catheter needle. The needle is typically inserted in the arm or hand to deliver medications. Although it is normal procedure, it is not 100% safe or reliable.

Grave complications can result due to improper placement of the catheter. A condition known as IV infiltration is described as, “when medication or fluid is intravenously infused into the surrounding tissue,” can be one of the leading development of improper handling or monitoring of the IV by the medical staff.

Occasionally, the medication inserted intravenously becomes toxic as it leaks into the tissues surrounding the bloodstream. This may have adverse and irreversible effects to skin, fats, and muscles in the areas affected. Other examples of such effects are:

  • Harsh scarring where medication touched the skin
  • Irreversible nerve damage
  • Paralyzation of affected extremity
  • Skin ulcers
  • Burns

Everyone wants the medical professionals and organizations we trust our lives to, to be knowledgeable and skilled. Unfortunately, subpar services are an epidemic throughout our nation and the people that perform these actions can be held legally accountable for them.

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