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Decreasing the Chances of an Accident at Night

Personal injury attorney Barry P. Goldberg has handled thousands of car accidents and has noticed that many night-time accidents can be avoided with a little planning.  After age 30, a driver’s eyes become less acute and more sensitive a night especially to on-coming headlights.  There are some simple tips that will decrease your chances of a night time auto accident.

1. Shift Your Gaze

When facing on-coming headlights, never look at those lights directly. It may take several seconds for your vision to adjust and an accident could occur.  Always “shift your gaze” down and to the right.  Try to use the edge of the road line, lane line or lane markers as a guide.

2. Be Seen and Predictable

You are not the only one having difficulty seeing at night! So, be predictable.  Always check you mirrors often and know where the other traffic is located.  Try using your turn signals much earlier than you normally would during daylight. When you are preparing to stop, tap your brakes lightly at least 3 times as an additional warning that you will be stopping.

3. Prepare Your Vehicle for Optimum Night Driving

Most cars today have a manual or automatic rear view dimmer which should be used.  I have noticed that many drivers either do not switch on the rear view dimmer or refuse to turn the auto-dimmer to the on position. The rear view is very important during night driving and a high beam can blind you for several seconds.  Switch the rear view dimmer on tonight!

Many drivers complain about brightness across the entire windshield at night.  This can be aggravated by a dirty windshield which refracts light. Always drive with a clean windshield inside and out. Finally, most vehicles today have dimmers for the interior gauges as well.  Again, no one seems to bother using them.  The bright gauges in the cabin interior can make it difficult to focus on dark objects in front of your car.  Tonight, try dimming the interior gauges slightly.  You may be surprised how safe you feel!

As an experienced personal injury attorney, Barry P. Goldberg can assure you that the most valuable car accident is the one you avoid.  Try uses the simple techniques listed above and enjoy your drive more this evening.

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